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We've been busy working on a new Pie design while keeping up with features and bugs on our current visual project management application. On this post, I would like to update you on our integration with the popular analytics tool called Yellowfin. This will add new business analytics and intelligence options for our Pie customer base.

We chose to partner with Yellowfin over other tools like Tableau for a few reasons. First, is their user interface is clean and goes well with our design standards. Secondly, they have a nice multi-tenant feature that Tableau and others don't have. For example, we can create a report and have it instantly available to other customers and their data sources. Third, Yellowfin is partner friendly.

Yellowfin is integrated into our customer database and available as an extra fee option for Pie customers. We also provide custom report creation services. Whether you're part of a professional services firm, a new products development team, or any other business department, you can now improve project decisions with the help of our new business analytics integration.

Portfolio Gantt Report

We always had a project Gantt report view native to our Pie application, but didn't have a portfolio Gantt view until recently. We integrated a Google Javascript library into our Yellowfin account and now offer an option for a portfolio Gantt report. The following image show the Gantt bars to the right of project names. The timeline axis is below the bars. Dark blue represents percent complete. Clicking a bar expands the view displaying the selected project's milestones and their statuses. Let us know if you would like a demo.


Bar Charts & Other Reports

There are a number of other reports including a Timeline Current vs. Baseline bar chart. This compares a project's initial schedule snapshot with the current total durations. The following is an example. The project names would be on the left (cut off in this view).

Bar Charts.png

The following image shows the current project reports available with a Pie Yellowfin membership.

Pie Yellowfin Reports.png

Other Release Updates

There have been a number of recent bug fixes. If interested, check out our release schedule in your Pie Help Center login.

If you're interested in Yellowfin Pie integration information, please send an inquiry to support@piematrix.com.

Written by Paul Dandurand, PieMatrix CEO

Pasta photo by Jorge Zapata

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