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Better project results.
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Simple and visual.

Pie is a visual project management application design to be so simple, you can switch between executing a super complex project using a repeatable recipe to a simple one-time process for planning your vacation at the beach.


Results you can chew.

A recent survey found that 93% of directors believe quality project results matter more than anything else. We agree. Monitor your portfolio of project pies and drive results from lessons learned, collaboration, and team creativity.


Pie drives process steps with either or both agile and waterfall in the same project. That’s a true hybrid! Competitive tools are either only for agile or only for waterfall task lists. Real projects need both plus repeatable processes, and Pie is the first to provide this value with simplicity.


Know the difference

Pie is different from other tools in three important ways.


Visual & Simple

Pie is easy to use for simple to complex projects with our patented "pie" visual model.

Results Focused

Pie engages people to improve project and process recipes driving better end results.

Hybrid Agile & Waterfall

Pie helps you reuse process with both agile and waterfall approaches on the same project.


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