Pie is robust, but usable. It has gained traction in the market by offering an alternative to traditional tools.
— Margo Visitacion, PPM Analyst, Forrester Research
I can onboard new consultants in days instead of weeks. We received a 30% increase in team productivity from those using Pie.
— David Rizk, COO, Navin Haffty & Associates (MEDITECH Health Care Systems Integration)
I love Pie because I hate project management. Thank you for making my life easier and simpler.
— Peter Chaloux, MBA Healthgroup (Healthcare, Systems Integration)
From day one it has been nothing but easy to use for all of our colleagues. Additionally, you are not signing a contract to deal with Pie, but to create a relationship!
— ohn MacDonough, Precyse (Healthcare, Software Development)
It’s so easy to use – I just love it.
— Harold Horn, Ericsson (Telecom Technology)
Pie helps document and easily improve ongoing repeatable processes for projects such as new customer installations, software implementations and event planning.
— Sherry Watson, Project Manager, Vermont Information Processing
I believe that the Pie solution is a value add for our Clients and will provide ‘another’ important differentiator for Navin, Haffty & Associates,
— John Haffty, CEO
Pie takes the stress away. It’s like having a super smart, incredibly detailed oriented, well-organized assistant!
— Jimena Huaco, Champlain College (Finance, Higher Education)
I love Pie because it has awesome slices and layers - an easy to duplicate “crust” with the option of adding a variety of spices and fillings - and sharing is easier than pie!
— Sheila Cameron, Middlebury College (Higher Education)
Very simple (yet attractive) UX – intuitive to learn.
— Jarrett DuBois, Precyse (Healthcare, EHR consulting)
Why I love Pie from PieMatrix: It’s ease of use and graphically intuitive design.
— Colin Kemble, Manager, Cognizant (Healthcare, EHR consulting)
Our world is made up of repeatable processes. Pie gets your mind wrapped around your project’s repeatable processes with quick and easy-to-understand visualization. As an added benefit - it is fun!
— Brian McQueen, E-gineering, LLC (Software Development)
In a word, it simplifies.
— Barbara Barlow Powers, Lane Community College, (IT, Higher Education)
Pie de-clutters my head, allowing me to think about the big questions. Using templates is fabulous; I never have to recreate the wheel.
— Matthew Paplin, Stoney Brook University (IT, Higher Education)
Pie changes project planning from a “box checker” tracking tool to the force that drives the project. The transparency of actual progress just doesn’t exist in other planning tools.
— Dean Williams, Cognizant (Healthcare, EHR consulting)
A system that will get you off the spreadsheets, increase your productivity up to 30%, and make work fun again.
— John Black, Humana (Healthcare, Insurance Provider)
Pie has helped us improve project management, communications, issue tracking, and resolution. We also decreased total project timeline.
— George Andrew, Director Hayes Management Consulting, Best in Klas Award Winner