Agile with waterfall creates better value.

Most traditional project tools are either task-list waterfall models or task card agile models. They aren’t made for real full projects that combine waterfall with agile or what Forrester calls “scrum-water-fall”. This requires teams to use different tools. Now, you can do it in one tool — Pie!

Pie is the first tool to simply combine both agile with waterfall in the same project. This gives you the power to drive process steps for project phases that have known best practices while giving other phases the flexibility of agile for scrums, sprints, and continuous deployment.

In both cases, Pie engages your teams to predefine your agile and waterfall processes as recipes for repeatable type projects. Great for process improvement.


1) Start with planning process.

Your known project processes (your framework), can wrap your sprints from both ends. The starting and ending project processes (as shown in Plan and Close in the image) can contain your steps that were pre-defined from lessons learned and best practices. Now you have agile working in tandem with process. A true Hybrid Agile Waterfall model.


2) Fill with agile sprints.

Your agile team can set up backlog stories in a backlog pie slice and then drive weekly sprints in the Pie board sprint slice (as shown here). Once a sprint is done and deployed, Pie auto moves your stories to the Done Sprints slice to stay cool as reference. Then iterate again, and again.

Meanwhile, your project end-client is getting small bites along the way. Yum!


3) Wrap up with closing process.

Your sweet pie ends with a close out slice with pre-defined how-to steps that finalize delivery happiness.

For example, we know in advance that a process step includes sitting down to review all lessons learned throughout the project, and what to do to improve the next process/agile project kicking off next month. Delicious!


Bonus: Sprints can include repeatable process steps.

Image an agile sprint that automatically pops up reminder tasks, such as “Update help center when sprint is ready for production”. You can now sprinkle process steps that improve results in each sprint.


More information about Hybrid Agile Waterfall

There are many articles, including scholarly articles, about the hybrid model. Google waterfall-scrum-fall to see the results. Paul Dandurand, founder and CEO of PieMatrix, has a blog post called Agile Projects are Really Agile with Waterfall. Check it out.