Pie is designed from the bottom up to give professional services and consultancies the ability to manage their end-client engagement projects with chef-like precision.

Improving your engagement margins can come from repeatable execution that gets more efficient with higher quality over time, scaling the onboarding of new service consultants as you grow, and making delicious end results that bring your clients back asking for more.

Whether your firm implements electronic healthcare records at hospitals or your team delivers branding and website development solutions for small businesses, you will find that Pie can sweeten the deal giving you and your clients a win-win solution.

repeatable methodology only gets better

Your consultancy projects are built from your unique blueprint, methodology, and approach. This is your intellectual capital, it’s what makes you different. Although the end results for each client is different, your firm’s process is the same and is what makes you stand out from your competition.

Pie provides you the ability to build repeatable Pie Recipes that contains your unique process how-to’s, which is your secret sauce. Each Pie Recipe is a process that you provide for each of your client’s projects. You can create from scratch or import your methodologies into Pie and start building a library of best practices for your teams to select and execute. This brings consistency and scalability for your client engagements. More importantly, your Pie Recipes become better over time from lessons learned and new ideas from team engagement. This is how your revenue margins get better over time.

  • Convert PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and other documents scattered all over the place into a Pie Recipe list page, which will become your central methodology repository. This will be your project manager’s buffet where they can pick and choose the best solution for your clients’ needs.

  • Improve your repeatable processes from client engagement lessons learned and experiences with issues. Also improve with team ideas and creativity. We call this micro-innovation — making your solution incrementally better over time. (And if you don’t, your competition will.)

onboarding consultants is a piece of pie

piece of pie.jpg

Things are going well and you’re hiring. Now the challenge is how to get your new professional services team up to speed for full productivity and the expertise they need for you to warrant your consulting fees. Big brand competition can get away with throwing bodies at the clients, such as recent MBA graduates showing up with no real experience or knowledge. They get away with it because, well, they are a big brand. You know how that goes.

But, for the rest of us, we need to differentiate ourselves from the big brand consultancies. This can happen with your unique processes as mentioned in the preview section above, and your consultants that have face-time with your end clients.

To ensure your new consultants get up to speed super fast without throwing bodies at the solution, here are some Pie features.

  • Build a New Hire On-Boarding process that reduces the time it takes to onboard a new consultant to your team. Pie can be easily designed to match your current onboarding process, or use the example On-Boarding recipe that comes with your new Pie account as a starter.

  • For client projects, start with capturing and documenting your secret sauce process descriptions into each Pie recipe task. Get this knowledge from your seasoned consultants who have been around the block.

  • Encourage your new consultants to post issues, risks, and new ideas as they execute each client project. This becomes a dish of lessons learned and new ideas to improve your recipes for future client engagements.

your clients will ask for more

Eat more.jpg

What if you can keep expanding work with your existing clients?

This lowers sales cycles and improves your overall consulting margins. Pie is a tool that can help you enhance the chance of expanding client relationships for repeatable business.

Get a couple cups of coffee, sit down with you client, and log into your Pie account. See their eyes light up as you show the following:

  • Display your expanded intellectual capital of Pie recipes and explain how your blueprints are known to succeed and ready to implement.

  • Give your client license seats in your client Pie projects so they become engaged with your team. This transparency builds trust and strengthens the relationship. Pie provides many options for permissions and client visibility.

  • Set up your Pie recipe content to drive client satisfaction. Then take it a step further and sprinkle in process steps that bring unexpected value to your client’s end results.

The founder of PieMatrix comes from the consultancy industry and knows the value of client relationship. Feel free to reach out to support@pie.me for helpful tips on how to best structure consulting processes that are helpful for increasing client engagement and longevity.