Treat Yourself to 5.5 you smell that? We added a new feature to this Pie release to make project timesheet and time tracking a little sweeter for you. Grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea, find a seat by the window, and let's check out Pie's improved step-level timesheet...

Step Time Tracking improvement

We've improved the way you can view assigned people's step-level timesheet entry. Now, if more than one team member is assigned to a step, the timesheet will list everyone's time entry. In the older version, it would only show the logged in user's personal time line.

In the following screenshot, each assigned user to the step "Finalize and publish Project Charter" has their own time tracking row. In this scenario, the user who's logged in is Paul Dandurand, the manager. He can not only edit his own time, but also can edit Kate's time.

However, in the following example, the user who's logged in is Kate Bush. She's a team member assigned to this step. Notice that her name is now on top and Paul's time row is grayed out as read-only as a security feature.


Your Project Managers and Project Administrators will now be able to swiftly manage and view all team members' time tracking on any steps inside of a project. Also, your team members will feel more engaged within a project, now that they are able to visually see their and their team member's' collective efforts displayed at the step level.

Other goodies in 5.5

In addition to the project step-level time tracking updates for the timesheet, we've made other improvements:

  • Updated labels for easier reading.
  • Now hiding non-usable system roles to avoid confusion when assigning roles to steps.
  • Improved how some windows close more efficiently.
  • Improved the notice banner (the do-dad that slides down from the top with messages).
  • 13 bugs were fixed. Woo-hoo!
  • See our release notes for details.

Please help yourself to seconds! Check out Pie's Help Center to learn more about how Project Managers and Project Administrators can use the new timesheet tracker feature and how Team members can enter time on their steps.

Bon Appetit!



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Photo by: Artur Rutkowski

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