Top 10 Most Wacky ICD-10 Hospital Codes

Many of our Pie customers are in the healthcare industry and some are in the business of helping hospitals convert over to the new ICD-10 codes. This is big news in the healthcare industry as it went live last week, October 1st. 

If you do not know what ICD-10 is, your doctor now does. Your doctor will need to use an ICD-10 code to classify your injury or visit in order to process the claim.

There are over 68,000 codes, which is not that funny when trying to learn and deal with so many. But, I thought to lighten the mood with some really outrageous codes I found from other postings.

To get you started, you've got to listen to last weekend's episode of the NPR news quiz show called Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! Click the following media play button to listen...


My top 10 most wacky codes



W61.12XA Struck by macaw
(Leave me alone human, I'm almost extinct!)


Y92.146 Swimming-pool of prison as the place of occurrence
(I hear there's also a code for a day spa of prison.)


W56.21X Walking into lamppost
(This has to happen a lot. Right? There's a code for it, so I'm not the only one, am I?)


W55.41XA Bitten by pig
(This is serious business up here in Vermont.)


Z63.1 Problems in relationship with in-laws
(I leave this one alone.)


W61.62XD Struck by duck
(Anything with a duck just sounds funny.)


V91.07XD Burn due to water ski on fire
(Just listen to the Wait Wait audio above. They have it figured out.)


V97.33XD Sucked into jet engine, subsequent encounter
(Ah come on! Will there ever be a subsequent encounter with a physician?)


R461.1 Bizarre personal appearance
(Is this from the shock of seeing myself in the mirror when I wake up?)


W55.29XA Other contact with cow
(Hmm... never mind.)


Written by Paul Dandurand, CEO PieMatrix

Photo by Ian A Wanless

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