Top 10 Project Ingredients

Ever wonder what makes a great project? We believe it is the right ingredients and the approach to making the ingredients work well together. We have come up with a list of 10 items to consider for making successful outcomes:

  1. Build your process content with as few steps as possible, adding more details later.

  2. Start action step labels with a verb and make them easy to understand what to do.

  3. Give steps complete how-to descriptions to help new workers quickly learn the best way.

  4. Limit people/role assignments to only one in each step as the step’s owner, and..

  5. If more people/roles need to do different parts, then make separate steps for each.

  6. If more people/roles need to do the exact same step, then make that step a “group step.”

  7. Mark your step’s progress on the day you start it and the day you finish it.

  8. Stay on top of progress daily and solve problems as soon as they pop up.

  9. Ask others for help, give help to others, and keep conversations with the content.

  10. Capture lessons learned, improve your content, keep it fresh and innovative.

Written by Paul Dandurand

Photo by Todd Quackenbush

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