Releasing Pie 5.1 - Time Tracking and More!

Hey customers! We have now officially released 5.1 for all new customers and have started the process of moving our existing customer accounts to this new release.  Since this is a major release, it will take time before all existing customers are updated to the new release.  Please contact us if you have questions about the timing of the process in your account.

What's changed? Are you curious about how long it really takes to run your projects? For many firms, revenue and margins depend on both reliable time estimating and getting the work done on that timeline.

Your new Pie online project management solution now has time tracking features. It will allow your team to enter work effort time at the task (action step) level. It will also help your managers better estimate project time.

Check out the video to see it in action... 


Time - Project-level or Step-level

We're excited to bring you both project-level and step-level time tracking. These two options are available when you create a new project.


Time - Plan or Actual

Project or step work hours can be entered as planned hours and then entered as real actual work. You can enter work time either on the new Timesheet page or at the step level in the project and To-do pages. You can show both planned and actual hours together as shown below.


Time - Run Reports

We make reports very flexible with the new CSV download feature. Download the raw data and open it up in MS Excel or your favorite business analytics tool. The following is an example in Excel. All I did was run a report to show total work hours among a few projects and within a certain period so I can compare actual versus planned hours. It took only a few minutes to set up.

New Project Scheduling Behaviors


Links and Dates

In the past, when you used linked dependencies between steps, Pie would automatically update a step's successor date when its predecessor had its date changed. Now, with 5.1, you can decide to turn off this auto date change feature.

Check out this video to see how you have more control with links and dates:


Progress and Dates

In that past, when you changed a step to in progress or completed, it would automatically change the start date or due date to today's date. With the new 5.1, you can also decide to turn off this auto feature.

Here's a video showing you how it works:


New Social Show-Me Page Filtering

You now have expanded filters in the Social page:

- Show me all of my discussions across projects that I'm following.
- Show me discussions in only project project.
- Show me progress updates in my projects by all team members.
- Show me discussions around issues and risks. - Show me my private discussions.
- Show me everything!

Check out the new feature in this video: