New Pie 5.1 in the Oven!

I'm excited to announce some cool new features coming soon. Version 5.1 is now in our Quality Assurance phase. This means we're heating it up to see if it can withstand heat, wind, hail, and snow (ok, we're based in Vermont).

Here's a preview of what's coming:

  • New timesheet and work-effort tracking. This includes planning, actual, billable, and non-billable views. The timesheet entry can be done in the weekly time sheet page or at the step level inside a project.
  • New scheduling behavior options. You will be able to choose if your dependency dates auto update or not. You will also be able to choose if your dates auto update or not when the step's progress changes.
  • New social tab filtering options. You will be able to quickly filter posts and messages by public discussions, private discussions, progress, issues/risks, and all news. Plus you can filter any of these by project.
  • Plus - Lots of other smaller changes and bug fixes.

Stay tuned!