Move from Chaos to Order in 5 Steps

In my last blog, I presented a recorded webinar that introduced the concept of Chaos, Order, Alive!, the three process maturity levels. There were a lot of interest in learning more so I created the step-by-step process on on how to move from Chaos to Order. I call it the Chaos Exit Strategy. The video below shows the process in the PIEmatrix business execution platform. If you watch the webinar in the previous blog you will note that Chaos is a bad place to be and it's not sustainable. Chaos is an ad-hoc state. Revenues can flow today, but no guarantees for tomorrow. Moving up to Order is where we want to go next. The exit strategy for moving from Chaos to Order includes documenting our current business processes and getting a good handle on the 5 W's, the "what", "where", "when", "who", and "why". The documentation will also contain the "how-to".

Chaos Exit Strategy How-To Video:

Try it out yourself...

If you're already a PIEmatrix customer, we are making the Chaos to Order process as free download from the Community. If you're not a customer, go to the end of the video above to get the email contact and sign up for a free project that contains this process.