Chaos, Order, Alive! Live Webinar Recording

Improve your efficiency and effectiveness by 40%? Have you heard this before? Well, you will hear it again. My approach to effectiveness is rock solid if you have the desire to move up to the Alive! process and people maturity level (see the webinar recording), work hard, and garnish commitment and accountability. I can't help with the last two, but I can show how the Alive! part can be done with mixing people, best practices, and technology in a blender.  

Watch the Recorded Webinar Video

Check out my webinar presentation that includes insightful overviews by two wonderful PIEmatrix customers and solution partners. The first is John Bowen, Director at Computer Aid. He will share his firm's vision. The second is Mike Lucey, President at Community Hospital Advisors (CHA). He will share his results. The following is the video recording. (Refresh your browser if you don't see it):  

We also have a PDF slide deck of this presentation you can download by clicking this link: Chaos, Order, Alive! Webinar.

About The Webinar

The webinar introduction is done by John Bowen from Computer Aid. Hear about this world-class organization's vision to enhance its operations group of 3,000 employees by institutionalizing great employee knowledge and proven practices. I come in to explain how to evolve your operational productivity by 40% if you move from Chaos to Order to Alive! The closing of this webinar is presented by Mike Lucey from CHA. Hear how his firm has already gained incredible traction over the past two years. Both Mike's and John's firms are PIEmatrix customers and PIE enthusiasts. They are also working with PIEmatrix as partners to help their end-clients be more successful with effectiveness and efficiencies.

Webinar Poll Results

We conducted a live poll during the webinar. We had 136 people attend. We asked them all to chose what process maturity level they felt their company was at. Ninety-six people responded. Here are the results:

What does this mean?

As you can see above, close to 49% of the attendees say they are below Order. Only about 21% say they are above Order. That leaves about 30% in the Order state. Order is not bad. It's much better than the other half below. However, the webinar presentation clearly states that in Order, we may know the 5 W's (what, where, who, why, and when), but we are not putting the HOW in practice. It's the HOW that really makes a powerful difference with improving efficiencies AND effectiveness by 50% or more. That's the Alive! state. That is also were an organization develops a competitive advantage.

Next steps...

1) Decide if you want to make a change and move up the ladder.

2) Look internally to your people for creativity, knowledge, and expertise.

3) Consider a business execution platform as a technology enabler to support your transformation.

I would love to hear comments about you and your organization. What are you doing to move from Chaos to Order, or from Order to Alive? If you would like to have a LinkedIn discussion about this topic, please join our new LinkedIn Group called Change the process, Change the world and post a topic.