Revolution Productions uses PIEmatrix for Production

We  hired Revolution Productions out of Buenos Aires, Argentina to create a 2-minute animated video for our home page. Revolution Productions agreed to use our PIEmatrix platform to conduct the management and execution of the project. I found it useful to know where in the process we were at any time during the project. When they had a work ready for my review, PIEmatrix platform automatically notified me about the next steps. This helped keep everyone on the same page and made collaborating between Vermont and Argentina really easy. Anish Patel, Founder and Head Producer at Revolution Productions says, "PIEmatrix has proved to be very powerful to manage our video production process. For us it's helps to manage and monitor the steps to product a high quality video".

The video worked out well with a story. We came up with a character named Jake. Our hero has the challenge of keeping his customers happy with on-time and on-budget projects. He also needs to ensure the project deliverables are of high quality. He has a vision, hears about a customer success, signs up, and uses PIEmatrix. The end of the story is that Jake is now a hero to his customers and his company. Check out this fun video on our PIEmatrix home page or on YouTube.

The reason we chose to have Jake work in the professional services field is to help narrow down an example story. He could have easily been a manager in HR, IT, Finance, or any other functional department. We chose Professional Services since we are now getting a lot of interest in using PIEmatrix for that area.

As we worked on these concepts and ideas, we used PIEmatrix to help keep track of the comments and changes. As we bounced back and forth, PIEmatrix always showed where we were in the process.

I would like to thank Revolution Solutions for helping us create the video, and thanks for using our product in the process. They have done a great job and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality video production service.