New Pie Launched!


Yes! We launched a new Pie application.

We spent the last two years re-building PieMatrix Pie from the ground up. This includes a new friendlier user interface, new user experience, and many new features such as the new Agile and Process integrations to make true hybrid projects.

Big feature hits!

  • Simpler and friendlier, and faster

  • Combine Agile with Process for a true hybrid project

  • 100% mobile responsive friendly for iPhone, iPad, and Android

  • More focused for consulting firms with multiple client (organization) management

  • Choose between 3 different membership options (Free, Pro, Enterprise)

  • A pot-full of new features! (See below for the list.)


The new app look and feel

We had great feedback in the past for our first version. Our customers loved the “pie” paradigm and I decided to keep that look for the NEW Pie. The new application has a cleaner, friendlier, and more modern look.

Project Results - portfolio.png

Agile and Process for hybrid projects

One of our new great achievements is the ability for a project to be structured as a true hybrid using both process methodology and pure agile for scrum and sprints. These two approaches can now be used in the same project. You no longer have to use different tools, such as Microsoft Project for overall task planning and JIRA or Trello for the agile development part. Do both with the new Pie. You can set up different slices with either a set of process tasks or a kanban board with automated features for multiple sprints.

Agile & Process - close.png

check it out for yourself…

Click the animated gif below for a full demo.


Ok, here’s a list of CORE features.

  • Personal tasks for taking care of your private personal or business daily todos

  • Project tasks for getting work done with collaboration

  • On My Plate todo list for the next seven days at your fingertips

  • Due dates for setting deadlines

  • Task percent complete (0% 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)

  • Task descriptions for notes

  • Task people assignments

  • Drag and drop for reordering many app objects (tasks, process boxes, etc.)

  • Permissions and visibility based on assignments

  • Project and recipe people assignments

  • Project and recipe archiving

  • Workspaces for separating projects and recipes

  • Settings for profile, workspaces, and account

  • 100% web responsive design for mobile/tablet use

  • Self-serve in-app billing management

  • Email customer support (

  • Real-time app updates between users

  • Infrastructure for scalable hosting, backups, security, etc.

  • Single-page app architecture with smooth page transition experience

  • Plus more…

  • See above Plan columns for extra features that makes Pie different


Extra stuff in the Free version

  • Unlimited users, 3 Workspaces

  • Core features, plus:

  • Projects tasks, process boxes, and boards

  • Project pie slices (phases)

  • Project portfolio progress

  • Recipes for repeatable projects

  • Send recipe copy to others

  • Messages posting at project level

  • File attachments at project level

  • Task snoozing for later reminder

  • iOS/Android Responsive Web App

  • Help Center with user guides


Blueberry Pro Plan Features

  • Same as Free plus:

  • Unlimited Workspaces under Organization

  • Files attached at all levels

  • Task start/due dates with durations

  • People member permission management

  • Inside task checklist (mini subtasks)

  • Task color and text tagging

  • Task move to other location

  • Project/recipe tagging

  • Messages, issues, ideas posting at all levels

  • Workspace tagging

  • Reporting features (export to BI tools)


Triple Berry À-la-Mode Enterprise Plan

  • Same as Pro plus:

  • Full subtasks

  • Agile sprint auto done feature

  • Agile sprint repeatable task for processes

  • Stacks for grouping projects (programs)

  • Dependencies

  • Notification workflow emails

  • Board column notifications

  • File folders

  • File URL objects

  • File versioning with history

  • Project/recipe task filtering

  • Recipe task duration planning

  • Time tracking and time reporting

  • Custom project task roles (job titles)

  • Custom project data fields

  • User notification when task added to board column

  • Portfolio Timeline reporting (Gantt)


Click here to sign up for the Free plan

Give it a whirl. You can add Pro or Enterprise features later when you’re ready.
Sign up now or Go to our home page to see more information and to play the demo video.


… And we have a New Logo

We re-branded the application and it’s now called “Pie”. Yes, we actually do have a trademark for “Pie”! The logo is a progression from the previous logos. The swishing pie layers or slices are designed to give an organic whimsical feel to mimic the usage of the app. The font is called Comfortaa and was chosen for its round friendly feel, again to express the feel of a delicious pie.

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