We are pleased to announce 5.0!


Yes, it's here!

We have officially released version 5.0. New customers signing up are now getting the new version out of the box. Existing customers will have their accounts migrated to the new version over the next few weeks.

I would like to thank all of our customers for using PIEmatrix and providing us with wonderful feedback. We will continue to march forward with customer requests and innovation (lots of cool stuff on our roadmap).

I would like to thank our great team at PIEmatrix for making this new upgrade possible. Thank you for working very hard and for being creative!

Thank you all!

For customers waiting on the migration, you are welcome to sign up for our 5.0 sandbox account. This will allow you to play around with 5.0 before your own account is upgraded. Just send an email address not currently used as your log in ID to support@piematrix.com and we'll add you to the sandbox.

The following is a video displaying the new features in 5.0.