New Draft Project Feature in Version 5.0

Today when you create a new project in PIEmatrix and start assigning people, the team members may get an email notice saying they were added to the project. However, what if you want to set up the project plan as a what-if scenario, not yet sure about who will really be on the project? If so, you probably don't want these email notices going out yet. And you probably don't want anyone to see the project yet. Good news is on the way! We have developed a new project state called "Draft" mode. This new feature will allow you to create a new project and assign people without giving them visibility. Here are the draft project visibility and notification rules:

  1. Assigned people will not see the draft project until it's activated.
  2. Assigned people will not receive any email invites until it's activated.

For those you want to have visibility to your draft project, assign them to the Project Administrator role. The following are some sneak preview screenshots: