New PIEmatrix Version 5.0 Going into QA

We have a new version in the oven starting to bake! Over the past year we have been working this major upgrade and now it's time to start spreading the word.

As of this week, we are moving from the development slice to the QA slice. This is a major milestone for us since the new application is stable enough to start testing. I hope you're hungry because this version will be delicious!

Over the next couple of months we will be providing some sneak previews. Today, let's start with a list of new features that will be included:

  • New user interface to make it easier for all of your users. Yes, we are still keeping the pie look and feel. But, we will be making it cleaner and simpler. I hope you will find it more intuitive for new team members.
  • New social communication feature. This is a major part of PIEmatrix. We learned over the past few years from team users how important it is to make collaboration more effective. This new Facebook-like newsfeed and fast messaging features will introduce a new social power for your team members to help them get work done more effectively.
  • Most major pages will now have instant clicks to training videos. Want to learn about a feature on the project page? Just click the new more button and then launch the video for that page. No need to hunt for it in the Help Center.

Plus lots more! So stay tuned to upcoming newsletters what will introduce the new features over time. Please contact us if you have any questions. We would be happy to provide a private demo to PIEmatrix customer trainers to help prepare for the changes.