What are project pies?

This is my first blog post. I'm the founder of PIEmatrix, and as you would guess I'll write about pies and matrices. But of course most of you have no idea about what I'm talking about since PIEmatrix is a new start up, which hasn't officially launched. A couple of years ago, I devised a pie and matrix paradigm to better present processes for projects of all kinds. (More on the matrix later). The common circular shape lends well since most projects are iterative in some nature. Since it's a pie shape, I logically named the stages/phases of a project "pie slices".  So far so good? I'm sure many of you have seen this concept, so nothing new here. Now, since many love acronyms (sorry), I had to get something out of p-i-e and that's how I thought of "process for implementing excellence". Going forward I plan to share ideas and hopefully get input on how better processes can improve excellence.