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PMO survey - Resource Management as top pain

I recently presented PIEmatrix at the CBP Summit 2008 in Scottsdale, AZ. The conference is one of the top PMO (Project Management Office) events in the US. Most attendees where PMO directors from large enterprises. We had the opportunity to conduct a conference survey for all the attendees. The survey asked "what are the top 3 best practice needs for project implementation that you would like to discuss with your peers?". We received about a 90% response rate. The result displayed 34 different process standard needs. The following are the top five...

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Can crowdsource work with best practices?

Traditionally, best practices or process methodologies have been devised by an individual or as small, closed group of experts. Often processes are generated within an organization from past experiences or collected from an industry standard, such as PMI for project management. I have found that one major challenge organizations have with defining or improving their internal best practices is the lack of time or priority commitment.

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