PMI Symposium Survey Results. What's hot on your plate?

PIEmatrix recently sponsored the PMI Champlain Valley Chapter's 2013 Symposium event. We set up a survey for the attendees. We asked "What are your top 3 project best practice needs that you would like to discuss with your peers?"

There were about 170 people at the event and we received 53 survey entries. We then compiled the results into a spreadsheet. The above diagram shows that there were many different answers. The pie chart explodes at 6% and higher, showing the following as the most common best practice needs.

  • Stakeholder Management 9%
  • Time Management 8%
  • Resource Management 8%
  • Scope Management 7 %
  • Executive Commitment 6%
  • Best Practices 6%

The remaining list contained other items such as portfolio management, risk management, communications management, document storage, outsourcing, people skills, etc.

We did a similar survey at a PMO conference about 5 years ago. Compared with this year, the common top six choices were resource and scope management. This time around it was interesting to see stakeholder management and executive commitment placed in the top 5 needs. Maybe we are becoming more open with discussions on how to engage executives and stakeholders. That's a good thing.