PIEmatrix and CAI Alliance Can Have Huge Impact

We're pleased to announce that PIEmatrix and Computer Aid (CAI) have entered into a strategic alliance. CAI will bundle our PIEmatrix business execution platform with their CAI ITBuzz business risk management suite. The combined solution will complete the business execution lifecycle from project execution to people feedback to real-time process improvement. CAI’s ITBuzz solution helps organizations analyze employee feedback for risk management. By bundling PIEmatrix with their software suite, CAI will now be able to help their customers turn feedback into actionable steps, making real change for the better.

“I believe that the marriage of PIEmatrix and CAI ITBuzz is potentially a game changer for our company and our position with current and future competition,” say Tony Salvaggio, CEO of CAI.

This alliance will help end-customers drive business innovation and execution to a new level. Together with CAI, we have the opportunity to turn performance indicators and employee feedback into immediate action. For example, the end customer would use PIEmatrix to drive their projects and processes. CAI's ITBuzz allows the customer to submit electronic questionnaires to their employees working on the projects to get a pulse about soft data, such as whether they getting all the resources they need to be successful. The feedback response data is presented in the ITBuzz dashboard. This is really good stuff. However, once the customer analyzes the data, it's up to them to make corrective action. And as we all know, change is not easy.

The cool part is where PIEmatrix comes back into the picture. With PIEmatrix, the corrective action ideas can immediately turn into new process steps that are integrated into the daily work process. That takes only minutes to do and is dynamically ready for any current or new projects. Incremental innovation and improved process change can have a huge impact on the end-customer’s bottom line.

The combined cloud solution is not only for IT, but also for other all functional departments such as operations, manufacturing, marketing, sales, finance, etc. Project management offices (PMOs) will find the solution perfect for centralizing project standards.

The CAI and PIEmatrix partnership solution is now available to the marketplace. CAI and PIEmatrix will invest in go-to-market activities that will focus on driving primary product and services in high-growth markets, such as healthcare, energy, biosciences, and technology. CAI will resell PIEmatrix licenses and provide PIEmatrix training and implementation professional services.

About CAI

Computer Aid (CAI) is a global IT services firm serving Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies around the world. They have 3,000 employees in offices throughout United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Their solutions include technology products, legacy support, application development, desktop services, and managed staffing services. CAI is headquartered in Allentown, PA and has been in business for over 30 years.

About PIEmatrix

PIEmatrix is a global cloud-based technology firm with customers such as NASA, Yahoo!, RS Medical, CIBER, ARAMARK, State of Vermont, and other organizations. PIEmatrix offers a business execution platform for making daily business processes and projects more effective with best practices, people collaboration, and project management. PIEmatrix was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Burlington, VT.