Use PIEmatrix to Deploy PIEmatrix

What's the best way to implement PIEmatrix across your organization? Run it like a project in PIEmatrix. Where's the best practices on how to implement PIEmatrix and get everyone trained up well? Use the PIEmatrix process layers located in the Community platform.

How many other enterprise applications can help you implement that application by using that application? Not many, I'm sure.

We have updated the pie template layers that walk you through step-by-step. We improved the training layers and added a new one for enterprise strategy. To access these layers, go to the Community from your account (upper right corner of your account page). Once you are logged into the Community, filter the list with the tag "PIEmatrix Implementation". You can import these layers into your own account.

Start by creating a project using the layer called "PIE Deploy - Enterprise Strategy". This process will drive the other layers.

Contact PIEmatrix for if you would like a walk-through on how to use these layers.

Need extra help? Let us know and we can help you get set up with a professional PIEmatrix implementation consultant.