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Three steps to micro innovation.

On the Harvard Business Review site, search "disruptive innovation" and you will find there are over 670 search results. Most of it is about being the holy grail of business success. This is nothing new. Innovation is what keeps companies thriving. When we think of innovation, many of us assume it's for the new product development team upstairs or the R&D lab in Building 3. This is where the big thinkers huddle to create game-changing products and services.

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Chaos, Order, Alive! Live Webinar Recording

Improve your efficiency and effectiveness by 40%? Have you heard this before? Well, you will hear it again. My approach to effectiveness is rock solid if you have the desire to move up to the Alive! process and people maturity level (see the webinar recording), work hard, and garnish commitment and accountability. I can't help with the last two, but I can show how the Alive! part can be done with mixing people, best practices, and technology in a blender.  

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Not only schools, businesses too have killed creativity.

In Sir Ken Robinson's incredible TED talk, he says "creativity now is as important in eduction as literacy." He perfectly defines creativity as "the process of having original ideas that have value." He explains that our schools have ruthlessly squandered our kids' tremendous talents. Unless we happen to work in a creative agency, organizations have continued the tradition of ruthlessly squashing creativity in adults.

I believe that creativity now is as important in business as experience and knowledge.

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