New Pie Features!

It's been a while since we released new features because our focus was on updating our servers and moving to a Docker container model. Finally, this project has successfully finished and now we can focus on new updates. Our most recent update has the following new features I hope you will find valuable.

internet connection indicator

In the past when your internet connection was lost, Pie would give a generic error message saying something is wrong, but not what is wrong. If it was down internet connection, the other problem was there was no way to let you know when the internet was reconnected.

Today, with this new release, we have a new feature that tells you exactly when you lost your internet connection while in Pie. You will see an orange bar drop down at the top of your Pie page saying you lost your connection. This bar will remain as long as the connection is down. Once your connection is back up, the orange bar disappears and a green bar comes down saying you are ready to go. This green bar will then auto retract in about 5-6 seconds.


We have had a number of customers asking for a way to click the hyperlinks in the project description pop up with one click. In the past, you had to go the the name and description edit window to click through a URL hyperlink. Now, a new feature gives you a modal popup when you click the project name in the Projects and Dashboard pages and also the layer name in the Pie Templates list page. This modal state locks the pop up allowing you to easily click on hyperlinks. This pop up also has an open button for quick project launch. To exit the modal state, just clicks anywhere outside of the popup box.

Project Modal Popup.png

New Baseline View

You can now view your project's baseline target dates next to the current dates in the project's Process tab view. The first step is to make sure you have set up your baseline. To do this, go to the project's Planning side tab and select the Add Baseline button. This creates a snapshot of your current scheduled dates. Now, go back to the Process tab. To see the new feature, click the "more" button, select "view", and then click the Baseline dates check box towards the bottom of the list of options. You will now see the baseline dates to the left of the current dates.

Successor link popup

In the past, you could hover over a dependency step link to see what predecessor step it had. Wouldn't it be nice to also see this step's successor step? A new feature now allows you to see in both directions.

Other updates

The following are other updates we have included in this new version:

  • Improvement - New milestone icon to the left of milestone in the Planning tab page.
  • Improvement - New tooltip when hovering over dates.
  • Improvement - The project's open button floats next to the project's name.
  • Fix - A project's step's pie template description is now back to read only.
  • Fix - Repaired Portfolio Data Metrics report issue.
  • Fix - Repaired the Executive Status Rules feature.
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