Click Me Please! The Big Plus.

Some design ideas come from customer feedback. Some others come from watching what customers do, keeping up with other software designs, and just plain guesswork. 

Many applications have a core set of features we use all the time, such as create a post, add a comment, etc. In PIEmatrix, we too have common actions like create project, create new step, add a box. So, why do new users stumble? Because they need to find the create button along side a bunch of others that are not used as often.

Living in the woods among the trees have made it easy for me to miss the logical design, which is just make the darn create button large and center! It took me a few years, but I get it now. In our new upcoming version, we will add the big plus where it's meant to be.

Below are five images from our new application coming out soon. How many seconds will it take you to find a create button? For those of you who are PIEmatrix customers, is this an improvement?