Meet Norman, Our Social Magician

Over the past year Norman has been working full time designing and coding the new PIEmatrix Social features coming out soon in version 5. Here's an introduction from Norman himself:


I'm Norman, a four-year member of the PIEmatrix development team. Specifically, I'm a front-end developer like Curtis, who you may have met in our November's newsletter. I'm responsible for writing the code behind the user interface, which includes modifying design details so it's easy and fun to use, enhancing the code architecture for future code efficiencies, and building key feature components and areas like the upcoming Social feature in version 5.0. In addition to Issues and Risks, you will soon be able to comment on steps, projects, and post general questions and announcements to people in your company.

I'm originally from the town of South Royalton, VT. It has been my lifelong dream to become a skilled programmer. To those ends, I'm working on earning a B.S. in Computer Software Engineering from Vermont Technical College. When I'm not hashing out component diagrams on whiteboards or countless layers deep into debugging a call stack, I like to compose music, make the occasional photograph, and hang out with Lilly, my lovely Shetland Sheepdog.

I look forward to your feedback on the new Social features coming out soon. Check out my other blog post on the advantages of messaging with a social application.