Meet Curtis, our front-end developer

Hello! My name is Curtis and I'm one of the engineers working at PIEmatrix.

Here at PIEmatrix I work on the PIEmatrix online business execution platform Graphical User Interface (GUI). So I help design and implement everything you see and interact with in PIEmatrix.

I'm originally from Vermont and I love it here. I attended Vermont Technical College before joining the PIEmatrix team and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering. In my spare time, I write computer games, play bass at my local church and take care of (play with) my seven-month-old daughter Lily.

Curtis Aube PIEmatrix Engineer

A tip from Curtis.

Did you know that you can add a profile picture? It's easy! While in the application, click 'Settings' in the upper right hand corner. Then on the left click 'Profile Picture'. Select an image file and click 'Upload Image'. This image will currently show up in issue comments you have posted. Today, your image will show up whenever you comment on a risk or issue.

In our future 5.0 version, you will be able to write comments in many places and your profile picture will be very helpful for everyone. As a sneak preview, I thought to share what it may look like in version 5.0. Below is a preview of our new Social news feed page. User photos will help you recognize who's doing what much faster.

Version 5.0 treat sneak...