How to Submit a Bug Report

If something unexpected should happen while you are using PIEmatrix, one way to reach out for help is to fill out a problem report. A problem report takes a snap shot of the most recent actions you have taken in the application, as well as what the application has done in the background. When supplemented with a brief explanation of what you saw, a problem report can help the PIEmatrix support and development teams identify the problem, which will help us fix it and make the software better for everyone in the long run. To make a problem report, click "Help" in the upper right hand corner of your screen, and then click on "Problem Report." A box with a large text field will pop up. To make sure we can properly diagnose the problem, it is helpful to answer the following questions:

* Where were you in the application? On the To Do List? In Dashboard? On the Project List tab?

* If you were working within a project or a template, what is the name of the project or template? If the problem involves a particular step or element (such as a data field), tell us the name of the step or element that was affected.

* What were you attempting to do when you encountered the problem?

* Being very specific, what did you see? If you were unable to do something, was the button missing? Or did nothing happen when you clicked it? It can sometimes be helpful to take a screen shot and email it to us at

* Have you been able to continue working in the application?

* We already have an email address for you in our database, but if you want us to respond to a different address, or by phone, please include that contact information in your report.

When you are finished entering as much information as you can, click the green check mark at the bottom to submit your problem report. We will be in touch with you soon!